French Chocolate Macaron, Recipe Link


I have a crush on an American man in Paris who has a boyfriend. I don’t stand a chance.

His name is David Lebovitz and he bakes.

With a French mother and half of my family still living in Paris I knew of French Macarons long before the craze came to the US but I hadn’t dared ever attempt them. They aren’t something the home cook does. Or so I thought. After reading Lebovitz’s post on French Macarons I thought what the hell, lets give this a go. And? Well, just look at that photo! Its a perfect Macaron! Ok, they didn’t all look like that but I was pleased that even some did. I used this recipe for the shell but for the filling just used nutella.

The directions are long so I won’t repost them here but Lebovitz does a great job explaining it step by step. Don’t forget to take your cookie sheet and slam it on the counter a couple of times to get the air bubbles out, that’s one of the most fun steps!

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