Figs, Beacon Hill


Where: Figs – 42 Charles Street Boston, MA 02114
When: September, 2011

Libby and I went to Figs for dinner before a big karaoke night out in Allston. Pizza is always a good way to start off nights that you know will be long and involve boxed wine and whiskey.

Located on Charles Street, which I have grown to love, in Beacon Hill this place is teeny tiny and they really pack you in. The noise levels are on the higher side and there is barely any floor space to drop your bag but its all well worth it. Its snug, our waitress was friendly and boisterous and the thin crust pizza (the only way to have it in my opinion)was great.

We ordered a pizza with half Fig & Prosciutto (crisp rosemary crust with fig & balsamic jam, prosciutto & Gorgonzola cheese) and half Spicy Shrimp spicy (gulf shrimp with caramelized leeks & tomato sauce). I love the idea of being in love with figs but I realized that night that I am not sure I actually love figs. The pizza was great and I enjoyed it but I have to admit that Libby’s half looked much more appealing than mine. No worries, I am glad I have a good excuse to go back and try something new.

Our karaoke friends were very appreciative of leftover pizza a few hours later. Unless you want leftovers for a week, split a pie.

How did Figs measure up? 3.75 Spoons!

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