Hungry Mother, Kendall Sq


Where: Hungry Mother – 233 Cardinal Medeiros Ave Cambridge, MA 02141
When: October, 2011

After a few failed attempts to go here I dragged my dad the while he was in town last night. It really didn’t take much dragging but I know my father would rather stick to the places he knows and loves given the choice (Petit Robert and Legal Seafoods). I haven’t admitted this to him yet but I got very lost (even with Google maps on my phone, sad) getting there so gave him quite the tour of Kendall Sq. A bit embarrassing considering I have worked in that area for over 4 years now.

Hungry Mother is so unassuming from the exterior, almost looking as though you are about to walk into someone’s kitchen. The inside is similar, you can see where the rooms of what was a house were and still are in some spots. Its cozy and casual but the kind of place you’d want to take a guest or go for a celebration.

We shared a bottle of wine and ordered a couple of starters – the Fried Green Tomatoes for my dad and the Beet Salad for me (my summer obsession). I got to sneak a bite of the tomatoes which were delicious – crunchy and warm on the outside and soft and cool on the inside. The aioli complimented them perfected. The beet was light and refreshing and I just can’t get enough of beets this year. For our entrees my dad got the Fish en Papillote and I got the Gnocchi. Both were amazing but, naturally, my gnocchi with a cream sauce (sorry it doesn’t seem to be on the menu so I can’t describe it better than that) was to die for.

This place will be around for a long time.

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