Stephi’s on Tremont, South End


Where: Stephi’s on Tremont – 571 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02118
When: October, 2011

Columbus Day! A time to celebrate a day off work by dragging a very hungover friend out for mimosas on a blazing hot Fall day!

Dan and I picked Stephi’s on Tremont in the South End as they have a patio and he planned to bring his very little puppy, Teddy, with us. Perfect, although we didn’t consider that we’d have dozens of strangers stopping to pet the puppy every 3 minutes. Including one drugged up guy who told Teddy he was going to “snuggle the fuck out of him” and then walked off and punched a pumpkin. Yikes.

We both ordered mimosas while looking over the menu. Dan decided between the hangover and the heat he wasn’t ready to eat but that didn’t stop me, naturally. I ordered the bagel and lox which was huge! Bigger than my head. The lox was fresh, bagel crunchy and yet chewy on the inside and there was just the right amount of cream cheese and onions. It was so good we had to celebrate with a couple more mimosas.

Simple but spot on.

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  1. I'm sorry I didn't eat anything, just thinking about it made me ill…no disrespect to the menu. Also the theory that Mimosas cure hangovers was proved false that day as I went home feeling more sick.

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