Sportello & Drink, Fort Point


Where: Sportello – 348 Congress Street Boston, MA 02210
When: October, 2011

Last night Libby, Sarah, Nicole and I finally went to Sportello, rated one of the US’s top 12 influential restaurants by Sauveur magazine, and then on to Drink (more about Drink later). It was nice to get the four of us together to try this particular restaurant as we all worked together across the street years before, when the only decent bar in the neighborhood was Luckys. Nothing like a little nostalgia to start the evening off.

We started with a bottle of the house red (and finished with another bottle of the house red), which was surprisingly good. You don’t often see restaurants have a house bottle like you see in other countries so it was a pleasant surprise.

All reviews not only insisted, but begged, us to start with the Spicy Tomato Soup with Caraway Grilled Cheese. It did not disappoint. It was beautifully presented, mild and creamy with that tomato zip we all know and love but then it was drizzled with this spicy oil that just burst open your flavor buds.

For a main course, Libby and I shared the Potato Gnocchi with mushroom ragu, peas, and a cream sauce. The chef split the portion for us, which is always nice, and it still felt like we weren’t sharing – the portions were generous. The gnocchi was delicious and filling, I’d definitely get them again.

I wish I could tell you what Sarah and Nicole were having but I was too enthralled in my meal and wine to notice much else.

And now my favorite part… dessert. We all shared the Nutella Budino. The description doesn’t do it justice but here it is: Nutella pudding, chocolate crumb, and biscotti. It was melt in your mouth heaven. I love the combination of the nutty nutella with the dry crunchy chocolatey crumbs and crisp biscotti. Getting all in one bite was heaven. I was so impressed by the reserve all us ladies shared in gently taking one bite and putting our spoons down between each instead of snatching it up and inhaling it as I so wanted to do. A+

Where: Drink – 348 Congress Street Boston, MA 02210
When: October 13th, 2011

After Sportello, Sarah, Libby, and I headed downstairs to Drink. I love the simplicity of the name and kind of wish Sportello was just called Eat.

Sarah had been here before and was telling us how we could just tell the bartenders what we were in the mood for or what flavor combinations we like and VOILA they would make us a drink. Oh really? Lets see… Not sure we were helpful in knowing what we like after a couple of bottles of red but we managed to explain we like clean flavors (ok, Libby was explaining and I was agreeing), yes we like bourbon. Our bartender came back over with three drinks, one for each of us, explaining the differences. They were all bourbon but mine had a more citrus taste where Libby’s had honey (I think) and Sarah’s, hmm, I can’t remember. But I tried them all and they were all delicious!

That isn’t a hard sell but for someone indecisive like me it helps to have someone just hand you something after a few questions.

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