Art Bar, Cambridge


Where: Art Bar – 40 Edwin Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA 02142
When: November, 2011

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to Art Bar but it was memorable (although not necessarily for the food) and needs to be mentioned as it is a place I go to with some frequency. Not because it isn’t good but it is just down the road from my office so for a nice lunch or bite after work it fits the bill.

This time it was for a bite to eat after a few very crazy days at work. They had just renovated the back room which was cozy and made you feel as though you weren’t in a hotel restaurant. The waitstaff was friendly and even perhaps a little flirty with my dinner date but fortunately I don’t think he noticed.

We both started with their Clam Chowder which is pretty good and then he got a burger which was also good. I wasn’t as hungry as I should have been so just got another appetizer, the Sugar Pumpkin Fritters with Micro Greens and Molasses Aioli. In theory they should have been delicious with a name like that. I mean, it indicates that its sweet AND fried. How can you go wrong? Well, they were dry and pretty bland. They didn’t taste as though they had been made to order, not that they always need to be, but when you have to drink something between each bite so they don’t get lodged in your throat that’s saying something. You’d do better without those things dragging down your menu, Art Bar.

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