5 Horses Tavern, Davis Sq


Where: 5 Horses Tavern -400 Highland Ave. Somerville MA 02144
When: November, 2011

400 Highland Ave seems to be jinxed as no restaurant ever seems to last more than a year there. I had only been to Sagra, the previous restaurant, once for a drink at the bar with Judd and with top 40 playing and waitstaff in tight black t-shirts we were sorely out of place and the only ones in there. When I heard that 5 Horses Tavern was opening up here I had higher hopes.

Don’t get me wrong, they had an awesome playlist going with music from MGMT, Matt and Kim, Black Kids, Vampire Weekend and the like which was a joy. Their drink list was also impressive. But their food…. Libby and I actually only tried one thing on the menu after we asked about the seafood soup and get a lukewarm response from our waiter. While trying to decide we ordered the grilled brie cheese sandwich with tator tots to hold us over. The tator tots were good but then again I could have turned my oven on to make those so that’s not too impressive (I know, I should have tried the jalapeno mashed potatoes like everyone says). The grilled cheese was, sadly, terrible. A grilled cheese is pretty hard to mess up as it really only has three ingredients – bread, cheese, and butter. Three delicious ingredients! The cheese, what there was of it, was very good. The bread, however, was terrible. It was this thick dry texas toast type bread. I think they called it brioche but that had to be a typo as there was nothing soft and buttery about it. It was thick, dry and crumbly. Oh the heartache.

We were grateful for the numerous free drinks sent over by the much younger gentleman at the bar but that doesn’t make up for the very sad grilled cheese so this place doesn’t get a recommendation. Lets hope they fix their menu before they, too, have to close down.
I did like their chandelier though!

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