Abigail’s, Kendall Sq.


Where: Abigail’s – 291 3rd Street Cambridge, MA 02142
When: November, 2011

I hadn’t seen a friend of mine in what seems like weeks due to our (by “our” I mean “his”) busy schedules so I was excited to go to Abigail’s for lunch before we went our separate ways for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t heard of Abigail’s before but any suggestion coming from him comes with high expectations.

I really liked the atmosphere here, it didn’t feel like your usual lunch joint, it felt special. The booths were cozy and there was great light coming in from the large on-street windows.

The raw bar looked good at a glance but with it being rainy, and one of the coldest days of the season, the last thing I could think about was something raw and cold. Skip to the Small Plates.

We decided to get a couple of small plates inside of a meal, so we could try more items. We started with the Mushroom Tart with spinach, onions, and a quail egg which was good although I think could have had more filler. More mushrooms, more onions, more quail egg. It was heavy on the crust but the flavors were there. We then had the Slow Cooked Lamb Ribs with a orange ginger-glaze served with cucumber raita. Until re-reading the description I couldn’t have told you that it had an orange-ginger glaze but not sure if that’s just because I’m not used to the strong lamb flavor. Meat on the bone probably isn’t the best idea for a lunch date but I did what I could with cutting the meat off the bone. It was ok but didn’t wow me. Not really glowing reviews so far but we were having a great time and enjoyed the food enough. But wait, here comes the 3 cheese plate. I wish I could remember what the three cheeses were but I was just so excited they served them with honey that everything the waitress said went in one ear and out the other. The combination of cheese and honey is officially my favorite thing of the week. I’m actually ok with skipping dessert when I have my little side of honey.

Looking over the menu again we agreed that none of the sandwiches really grabbed us but that we’d come back for the burgers and we would definitely come back for after work drinks or dinner as that menu looked pretty damn good.

We finished up lunch with coffees and hopes that our schedules will open up a little after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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