Dante, Cambridge


Where: Dante – 40 Edwin H Land Boulevard Cambridge, MA 02142
When: November, 2011

Around 3pm this afternoon I could feel a migraine coming on so reached for my trusty bottle of Excedrin Migraine. Then I thought better of it, I could just go get a coffee instead and see if that nips it before it gets too bad. I headed over to the Starbucks in the Cambridgeside Galleria with a colleague to find a line of about 30 people in front of us. It looked as though a tour bus had just pulled over. This won’t work.

We decided that we’d run over to Dante in the Royal Sonesta Hotel across the street as that would be quicker at this point. The place was empty which would normally be a turn off but it was 3 in the afternoon after all and that just meant quicker service. I didn’t peak into the dining area but we grabbed a seat in the loungy area by the bar. Between the throw pillows, comfy seating, and pending migraine I could have curled up in the corner there – it was very comfortable.

Two coffees, please! Oh, and look at that dessert menu… Ok, I guess we can share the Torta while we drink our coffees. Let me clarify: Chocolate hazelnut mousse cake, spiked chocolate sauce, anglaise, and caramelized hazelnuts. My head suddenly feels better already.

Just as dessert was put in front of us my colleague received an urgent message and had to leave. I was left with two cups of coffee and a Torta. I can handle that.

Actually, that’s a lie. I can’t handle that. I felt self conscious sitting there eating cake by myself so I got it to go and gave it to another colleague back at the office. I will be braver next time.

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