Hana Sushi, Cambridge


Where: Hana Sushi – 2372 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02140
When: November, 2011

Located on Mass Ave a little further up from Davis Sq towards Arlington
I don’t think I had ever even heard of this sushi place but it came up with good reviews in my in depth “Davis Sq + sushi” google search.

I got there a few minutes before Daniela and looked in to see only one table of guests which was a bit of a turn off but Daniela did reassure me that it was still early at 6:30 so we went in and took a table. The staff were all very friendly and the atmosphere was fine, your standard black Chinese lacquer (I confirmed this is the official name with my furniture buddy, I am not stereotyping) tables and chairs.

After debating between the scallion pancakes and tempura appetizer we went with the latter. It was a generous plate with tempuraed (?) shrimp, acorn squash, butternut squash, red and orange pepper, and broccoli. Peppers were a waste of space on that plate, I’d take extra of all of the others over those. I’m glad I saved the best for last, the shrimp, as those were crispy yet succulent.

It’s kind of nice that we get the exact same sushi options every time we go out as we can then compare apples to apples, or spicy tuna to spicy tuna in this case. We ordered the spicy tuna maki as well as the sweet potato make, often called Idaho rolls. I also got two pieces of unagi sushi as I have a weak spot for eel done right.

We both agreed that the tuna in the spicy tuna was super fresh, practically still breathing fresh, but the ratio of tuna to everything else in the roll seemed a bit off for us. It was a mouthful of tuna and then the “spicy” and cucumber sort of trailed behind unnoticed. The pieces were bigger than what we are used to and sort of awkward to eat. The sweet potato maki and unagi were good as well but nothing particularly special.

I wouldn’t not go back but given the choice I’d pick to Blue Fin over Hana any day! Sorry, Hana.

Oh, here is a challenge I was given by Daniela if anyone can help me out with it! There was a restaurant she and her mom used to go to in LA where she would always get a thinly sliced cucumber salad with a vinegar dressing on it. Has anyone seen this on a menu in the Boston / Cambridge area? If so, where?

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