Abigails, Kendall Sq Revisited


Where: Abigail’s – 291 3rd Street Cambridge, MA 02142
When: December, 2011

A couple of weeks ago Mr. S and I tried Abigail’s for lunch and weren’t tremendously impressed with the food but liked the atmosphere enough that I vowed to give it another chance for dinner. So disappointed.

I came here for dinner on a Friday night after work before going to see a show with Libby. We ordered a bottle of wine, which smelled an awful lot like vinegar but was drinkable, and a few items from the raw bar and “small plates”. We had the Seaweed Salad, the Grapefruit Salmon Ceviche, and the Mussels.

The Seaweed Salad was good. Not “blow your mind” good but edible. In fact, it was the only thing we came close to finishing.

The Ceviche was terrible. If you Wikipedia “Ceviche” you’ll learn that: “The dish is typically made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices such as lemon or lime and spiced with chili peppers.” So what on earth was cooked salmon doing showing up on our plate? It was a sad plate with under-salted tortilla chips and a sparse mix of citrus fruit and salmon which looked more like cantaloupe. It was bland and totally underwhelming.

The coup d’état was the mussels which tasted like they were pulled from the Charles River (which is still bad, right?). The first one I got was empty, the second had something I couldn’t identify and later found out was pork (didn’t try eating it, was afraid it would break a tooth), the third tasted terribly off, the fourth was ok, the fifth looked green. Ok, I give up, the odds are not in my favor.

We ate the bread (yum) while we waited to awkwardly tell the server the mussels were off / terrible.

We left not necessarily hungry (we had that bottle if wine, after all) but craving more.

Overall it was a disappointing meal and I won’t be going back other than to the bar.

How did Abigail’s measure up? 1 Spoon!

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  1. Hello
    We’re very sorry you didn’t enjoy your meal at Abigail’s. I must however point out that our Ceviche is indeed cooked in citric acid. We are very familiar with the traditional preparation of this dish. Again sorry you had a bad experience.
    Sarah (Abigail’s owner).

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