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5 Spoons’ First Guest Review! Well, this is exciting, isn’t it?! A couple of weeks ago Daniela mentioned she was taking her husband, Benn, to Lineage in Brookline for his birthday. I had never heard of Lineage before but apparently it had great reviews. I suggested she be a guest blogger and she has taken me up on it! Thank you, Daniela, I can’t wait to try Lineage myself after this (totally getting the Lobster Gnocchi)!

Where: Lineage – 242 Harvard Street Brookline, MA 02446
“Benn and I went to Lineage in Brookline for his birthday dinner. I was looking for something slightly more upscale than usual, but not so fancy that we’d feel out of place. Lineage was a perfect fit – tables around us included an older couple, a group in their 30s, and a family with children. Lineage is sparsely decorated – it has a clean, almost beach-y feel to it. It’s not cold, just purposeful. The only decoration on the table were two shells, filled with salt and pepper.

We started with drinks. I ordered the “French 75,” made of gin, lemon, sugar, and sparkling wine. The drink came served in a wine glass, with a long rind of lemon floating in it. Every time I brought the glass up to take a sip, I inhaled a refreshing, if almost overpowering, citrus scent, and when I took a sip, it was just bubbly and ginny and sugary goodness. It was one of my favorite parts of the meal and the first drink was gone way too fast. I rationed the second one a little more carefully.

Our meal began with fresh rolls, served individually to us, with a teeny bowl of butter. The butter was soft – nice work Lineage – pet peeve of mine when the butter is served cold and hard.

We ordered two appetizers: Crisp Point Judith Calamari, sweet basil chili sauce, greens: The Calamari was delicious – crispy as described, with bitter arugula to balance out the sweet sauce. The sauce was spread around the bottom of the plate, and there was just enough to provide great flavor without sogginess. Pretty straightforward calamari, nothing too out of the ordinary – but it was cooked well and the flavors were great.

Spicy Lobster Tacos mango salsa, avocado mousse: The lobster tacos were slightly disappointing. Stuffed with lobster meat, but light on the spicy and the tortillas left something to be desired. They resembled the out of the box, grocery store variety, and just didn’t seem on par with the rest of the ingredients.

Appetizer winner: Calamari

We somehow managed to agree on two entrees to split: Grilled Flatiron Steak brown butter potatoes, celery root, Brussels sprouts, shiitake mushrooms: Benn and I don’t really agree on how we like our steak cooked, but he agreed to go medium well instead of medium rare (on his birthday, too). Good thing, as the steak came out a little on the rare side. Didn’t stop me from digging in…steak was a great cut, great size, and pretty delicious. The brown butter potatoes and brussel sprouts were also a highlight, and I found myself sopping up the sauce on the plate with any leftover vegetable I could find.

Maine Lobster Gnocchi roasted poblano peppers, baby spinach, fennel, caramelized onion: I want to eat this right now. And tomorrow night. And the night after. I love gnocchi…and this gnocchi did not disappoint. The flavors were outstanding – combinations I never would have thought to put together. I’m not a pepper person but the poblanos ended up being one of my favorite parts – cooked beautifully until they were nice and soft – I found myself searching through the plate to make sure I got one in every bite.

Main Course Winner: Gnocchi.

Onto dessert! By this time we were pretty full, but being Benn’s birthday we figured we had to go on…

Warm Dark Chocolate Cake, port ice cream: What I thought would be the clear winner ended up being…okay. I wouldn’t order it again – I pictured warm, gooey, moist cake, and it wasn’t that.

Toasted Cashew Tart salted butter crust, bourbon caramel, maple ice cream: Disclaimer – I was pretty tipsy by this point, but this was damn good. Picture a mini pecan pie, but with cashews. A little hard to cut, but that didn’t stop me. Us, I guess. But mostly me.

Dessert Winner: Toasted Cashew Tart. Bonus points, they looked at the reservation notes and brought out a single candle with the tart – and no singing.

Lineage changes its menu with the seasons, so go soon, and order this perfect meal: French 75 (or two, depending on how feisty you’d like to get), Calamari, Lobster Gnocchi, and Toasted Cashew Tart.”

How did Daniela think Lineage measured up? 4 Spoons!

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