Dante, Kendall Sq, Revisited


Where: Dante – 40 Edwin H Land Boulevard Cambridge, MA 02142
When: December, 2011

After the abrupt and sudden end to the last Dante visit I decided to go back to Dante for coffee with a colleague of mine.

I had dinner plans following our coffee date so insisted that I did not want any dessert so if he chose to get something he would be on his own. I was adamant about this. Then the jerk goes ahead and orders the Fritelle (Venetian style fried dough with four dipping sauces). Really?! Like I stood a chance… Come on!

I had to have one. Just one. Shockingly, only one. They were probably some of the best little doughnuts I have ever had. Soft little pillows of deep fried powdered goodness. I made four bites out of the little doughnut so I could try all four dipping sauces in the order that I thought would be my favorite to my least favorite: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, and Raspberry. I’m actually glad I saved the raspberry for last as it was surprisingly delicious (as they all were but I don’t typically like raspberry sauce) and the tartness of it went really well with the sweetness of the doughnut. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I will definitely be getting this again and hopefully often.

How did Dante measure up? 4 Spoons!

Dante on Urbanspoon

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