The Beehive, South End, Revisited


Where: The Beehive – 541 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02116
When: December, 2011

Libby and I had gone to the Beehive a couple of months ago for my birthday and I just loved it. I remembered seeing Moroccan cous cous on the menu so knew I had to take my mum there when she was in town for Christmas. Her flight arrived at 5:30 so we had just enough time to head home, drop off her bags, and head to this South End gem.

When we got there I realized that I had forgotten to request a table downstairs so we waited at the bar until one became available. Upstairs is really cute as well but it’s just a little cozier downstairs. I had a Rhubarb Spritz (Aperol, Rhubarb, Strawberry, & Lemon) while we waited at the bar which was really good and went down like Lemonade Luckily by the time I finished it our table was ready.

We ended up sitting at the same table I sat at on my birthday which is a couple tables back from the stage right in the middle of that dining area. A great spot.

After suggesting we order the most expensive bottle of wine (at $675 a pop) we settled on the Quinta do noval,”cedro do noval” 2007,VR duriense from Douro, Portugal as it was affordable and the Douro region of Portugal is on my list of places to go. It was really good although my mum kept “forgetting” to drink so I ended up drinking the better part of the bottle. That’s ok with me.

My mum got the Moroccan Couscous with Chicken & Lamb which she said was more upscale and refined than the traditional Moroccan cous cous she is used to having at little restaurants in France but very good. I was able to confirm this with the few bites I stole off her plate. I was actually surprised by how much I liked it and may get it myself next time! Mum wasn’t keen on the veggies as she said they weren’t cooked enough for her liking and that she is finding that a lot of restaurants don’t overcook their veggies anymore as they are trying to keep the nutrients and vitamins in. I guess she grew up in a time when they were cooked to death, personally I am happy this has changed.

My first choice for dinner was the Roast Mustard & Herb Crusted Rack of Pork, Brussels Sprout & Prosciutto Hash but that was the one thing they were out of that night. Isn’t that always the way? I went with my second choice, the Grilled Skirt Steak, Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes, & Salsa Verde which was amazing. I’ve never been a huge steak person but this just melted in your mouth. The greens were perfectly dressed and the mashed cauliflower potatoes were creamy and had a nice zing to them. I ate every last drop on that plate and could have eaten more.

To wrap the meal up we got the Pot de Creme dessert to share. The waiter said it had a pretzel something or other which I forgot to look for in my haste to eat it. It was like a thick mousse which went really well with the whipped cream (what doesn’t?).

I just love the Beehive, they had me at the decor and atmosphere but kept me coming back for the service and food. It’s the kind if place that makes me want to move to the South End.

How did The Beehive measure up? (Still) 5 Spoons!

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