Fuji, Kendall Sq


Where: Fuji – 300 3rd Street, Cambridge MA 02142
When: January, 2012

My heart skipped a beat when I heard that there was a new sushi place coming to Kendall Square. I LOVE sushi and could eat it every day if I had to (or even if I didn’t). I learnt from some of my twitter buddies that it had opened a few weeks ago and was eager to get over there.

Lucky for me, one of my colleagues also loves sushi so we quickly made plans to go. Coincidentally, this was during my detox week (more about that later) but on a day where I could have protein and veggies so I could make this work.

Fuji was busy which is a good thing but we also were quickly able to get a table. We were originally sat next to one of the doors but as soon as it opened with the next guests we asked to move as it was just too cold. The table we switched to was a little further away but it was still a bit chilly so if I had one suggestion for Fuji it would be for them to install a couple of those thick curtains around the doors to try to keep some of the cold out and warmth in. No one wants to eat sushi in the cold! Well, I don’t. Just my two cents.

The restaurant is clean, simple, and welcoming. An upscale sushi restaurant, somewhere you would go for a birthday lunch, with business clients (make sure they like sushi), or a nice dinner with friends. Not the kind of place where you’d see college boys doing sake bombs, not that there is anything wrong with that. The cocktail menu looked delicious but I was detoxing (and I would never, of course, drink during lunch! Right.) so slid that away from me. On to the food!

We started with the Tuna Takaki which is lightly seared tuna accompanied by wakame, julienne cucumber, and ponzu sauce. Technically I probably should have avoided the ponzu sauce and wakame but, well, if that’s my biggest detox fail then that’s OK with me. The Tuna Tataki came beautifully presented and nicely seared. The sauce was a perfect compliment being citrusy with a touch of sweet. I’d definitely get this again (or try the beef tataki next time).

For our entrees, my lunch date got the Spicy Maki Lunch which came with Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, and Spicy California Maki. He was really pleased with it and it looked delicious (he offered me some but couldn’t do it because of the rice, sad).

Typically I would also go for spicy tuna maki so something similar but I had to avoid rice so opted for the 15 piece sashimi combo with Maguro (tuna), Sake (salmon), and Unagi (eel). The fish was super fresh and the eel was perfectly cooked. I didn’t miss the rice, avocado, spicy mayo, etc, that I usually get at all. I actually had to remind myself to slow down as not to inhale the entire dish before my lunch date touched his. The tuna, salmon, and eel all melted like butter as soon as you put it in your mouth.

Overall, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was great (but chilly), and the service was very good. It was pricey though so I can’t see going here every other day. I did see some people at the sushi bar so that might be a better option for when I just need a quick sushi fix. Or take away perhaps?

After work, while chatting with the same colleague I wondered out loud “I wonder what I will have for dinner” and he responded with a very frank “Didn’t you eat enough at lunch?”. It wasn’t until I stopped dead in my tracks with my jaw having fallen a good two inches that he realized the tragedy of what he just said. “WHAT?” I replied with. I don’t think he could hear me as he was in stitches laughing so hard while trying to apologize. For the record, a 15 piece meal of fish is NOT enough to hold over anyone for the entire day! I didn’t have any rice and even if I did one needs to eat three meals a day! Pffft.

How did Fuji measure up? 4.5 Spoons!

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