Firebrand Saints, Kendall Sq, Revisited


Where: Firebrand Saints – 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA 02142
When: January, 2012

20120127-164110.jpgI had gone to Firebrand Saints just a week ago with Meg for dinner and after the waiter told us they were known for their burgers I knew I had to go back soon. My definition of soon is apparently exactly one week.

I went there on Friday for lunch with a coworker as he had wanted to try it out as well. We went on the earlier side, around 11:40, and the place was quiet with only one other table being occupied. The restaurant was bustling by 12:10 which was a good sign (and boy were we happy we got there nice and early).

I got the Sirloin, Chuck and Brisket Burger and Mr. S got the Lamb and Sirloin Burger, both which came on a brioche bun. We ordered both with the Aged Vermont Cheddar (everything is better with cheese). We also got an order of steak fries to share.20120127-164105.jpg

My coworker’s burger came with spicy pickles, frizee and harissa aioli which he said he really liked. He had some trouble with the bun saying it was a bit on the small side so hard to hold on to. He reverted to using his knife and fork as things were getting a little messy.

My burger was your pretty standard burger, no theme or crazy toppings – just what I wanted. The actual burger patty (pattie?) was very good. The brioche bun was good as well but, I too, had a little trouble with it. It was a little too buttery for me. It was almost hard to hold on to as it was slipping out of my hands at every opportunity. We both dug the ginormous steak fries, as I did 20120127-164116.jpglast time.

To round off the meal, and to wait out the pouring rain, we got some coffee. Check out the cute little trio of milk and sugars that came out with it! The coffee was really good as well, nice and strong.

Overall, I really like the atmosphere and love that its so close to work. The service was really great both times and food was good enough. I enjoyed my meal and would definitely go back again but I’m not sure I would pine for FbS as I do with a lot of other restaurants (still can’t get Cuchi Cuchi off my mind). Its a great lunch place or a somewhere where you can go with a group of friends. I’d love to just go for drinks one of these days too.

How do I think Firebrand Saints measured up? 3.75 Spoons!

Firebrand Saints on Urbanspoon

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