All Star Sandwich Bar, Inman Sq


Where: All Star Sandwich Bar – 1245 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA 02139
When: January, 2012

How did it take me well over a month to write about a sandwich shop? Too much eating, too little time I say! Plus this is a bit of a dodgy photo so was hard to motivate myself around it.

Alyssa and I had plans to get together for brunch / lunch on MLK Day as we both had it off from work. After I researched a bunch of local places that had a Sunday brunch I wanted to try (TW Foods being on the top of my list) I was reminded that it was not Sunday but, in fact, Monday. Turns out not many places advertise Monday brunches. Alyssa suggested the All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Sq which I had never been to so was happy to try after hearing many good things about it!

We got there shortly before noon and were quickly seated. Anyone that came in after us had to wait quite a while before getting a table as the place quickly filled up. Yay for being an early luncher / failed bruncher!

I got the BLT which came with thick-sliced bacon, Boston lettuce, tomato, and herb mayo on sourdough. I love BLTs and this one was no exception. The bacon was perfect with just the right amounts of tomato and mayo. The bread was nicely toasted but not too hard as some tend to get after being toasted. Alyssa got the Gobbbler (I think? It’s been too long although I clearly remember mine!) which came with oven roasted turkey, apple-sausage stuffing, orange-cranberry relish, mayo, and gravy on rustic white bread. She had gotten it before so knew exactly what she wanted and was not disappointed. Their pickles and fries are both worth getting as well, if your sandwich doesn’t already come with both.

One of the perks of this place is that they have a big cookie jar of oreos at the counter that you can help yourself to on your way out (or on your way in, I suppose). Love me some oreos.

Overall, great sandwich place to go to with friends or when you just want to grab a quick bite. Might be tough getting a large table for a group based on the line but worth a try. Casual, comfortable, good service, great sandwiches.

How did All Star Sandwich Bar measure up? 4.5 Spoons!

All Star Sandwich Bar on Urbanspoon

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