Clover Food Lab, Harvard Sq


Where: Clover Food Lab – 7 Holyoke St., Cambridge MA 02138
When: March, 2012

Who hasn’t heard of Clover Food Lab? Their food trucks have been popping up everywhere in Boston and Cambridge. I’d been wanting to try their food since participating in their 5k in December (on one of the coldest days of the year, might I add).

Reading the reviews on Yelp everyone raved about the Chickpea Fritters, Egg and Eggplant Sandwich, and French Fries with Rosemary so I knew where I had to start.

Libby and I went to Clover Food Lab in Harvard Square before heading to The Hawthorne for drinks on Friday night. We were looking for cheap and cheerful and we got it. We ordered the same thing – the Chickpea Fritter Sandwich – and then split an order of French Fries with Rosemary.


The Chickpea Fritter Sandwich was much bigger than I expected for a mere $5. Check out this long list of delicious ingredients: homemade hummus, israeli salad (tomato and cucumber salad with Za’atar and fresh lemon juice), sliced pickles, homemade chickpea fritters, pickled veggies (carrots, red cabbage, and red onions), all topped with tahini mixed with lemon juice and served in a who,e wheat pita.

Whoa, did you guys get all that? Holy delicious list of healthy stuff I want to feed my body. When I got the sandwich I had a moment of panic as I really hate tahini and saw it on top but it was actually really mild as it was diluted with lemon juice – thank goodness. I really loved the sandwich, everything worked really well together. I loved the layers of flavor – well done!

We split the French Fries with Rosemary which had the right favors but were almost soggy tasting.  They were made then and there (I know as I had to wait for them) but they were soft and borderline stale tasting. Not sure what was up with that as they had gotten rave reviews. Sad.

20120310-105450.jpgThey had some great looking whoopie pies that we planned on getting for dessert but we were too full after those big ol’ sandwiches, which was a very good thing.

Overall, Clover Food Lab is casual and a great place to go for a quick bite with friends. They only have counter service which is fine but I sort of felt as though I was being yelled at or in trouble as it was hard to hear them calling my name which was a little anxiety provoking. The sandwiches were delicious but I’ll have to pass on the fries in the future. Maybe I’ll get a whoopie pie instead. I’d definitely go back for the sandwich alone.

How did Clover Food Lab measure up? 3.75 Spoons!

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