Lolita, Back Bay


Where: Lolita – 271 Dartmouth Street, Boston MA 02116
When: April, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to join one of my favorite francophiles, Olivia, at the French Cultural Center for their Open House. My french has developed a little rust around the edges so we agreed to go get a drink before heading over as we all know that makes the languages flow with more ease.

We met up at Met Bar on Dartmouth which was the perfect spot for an after work drink. We both got the Gypsy cocktail which is gin, st. germain (my fav), chartreuse, and fresh lime. First thing I noticed? These cocktails are big! My french would be flowing in no time. I really liked Met Bar actually, I would definitely go back.

Our visit to the French Cultural Center went well. Olivia ended up signing up 20120329-180859.jpgfor advanced French classes while I chatted away with some of the professors. They played a little game trying to figure out where the hell they would place me if I choose to take classes as I can understand french perfectly, speak it well enough to get by, but can’t talk about the past or future. Its all about the present for me, mon amour. After some cheese, wine, and all things french we headed out to find a spot for dinner.

We headed to Lolita on Dartmouth and were promptly seated, even with no reservation. We were served complimentary granita with grapefruit and tequila as well as three salsa with chips. I could have done without the granita but the salsa was nice to nibble on as we wait for our tapas to come out.

Below are my reviews of what we ordered and how I liked them. I took some notes during dinner as I was about 3 drinks in at this point and didn’t want to forget anything.

So, we got:


Sticky spare ribs: BBQ’d pork ribs with a spicy Mexican coffee bean, chocolate, sesame and orange glaze. What I noted during dinner: “Ribs had way too much sauce. Think like tar. Couldn’t eat more than one and didn’t even like the one. Blech.” These were clearly a disappointment.
Rib-eye tacos: sliced grilled rib-eye, tobacco onions, garlic crema. I ate more of these tacos than anything else. They were a little dry on their own but drenched in the garlic crema they were delicious. That being said, not sure if having to drench something in sauce to make it delicious is the best review I’ve ever given.
Crispy masa oysters: lghtly fried east coast oysters dusted with red chile masa and chipotle crema. I kept calling these “Roysters” apparently (from my notes and vague memory). These roysters had way too much breading on them, you could barely taste the roysters.

Mahi mahi flautas: roasted corn, poblano and chipotle chiles, jack cheese and avocado-tomatillo salsa. I wrote: “Fluatas good but a little soggy.” These were halfway decent but they were soggy, as I mentioned. We thought maybe it was because everything came out at once which made things sit a bit longer then they should have and get cold. Bummer as they could have been good otherwise.

Overall, the food was not impressive. It wasn’t even mediocre. I wouldn’t go back for dinner although I can say that the drinks were great so I would go back for that. The atmosphere was lively but not rowdy and a bit of a younger crowd. It was pretty dark and that’s what I will blame for missing a step and spraining my ankle (not the numerous drinks) while leaving.

One last note I took, not sure its relevant but funny nonetheless: “Table next to us had a few mishaps. Dropped menu and then split drink. Guess I would be nervous too if I were a 21 yo dating a 40 yo.” Yikes.

How did Lolita measure up? 1.5 Spoons!

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  1. Ouch! That might be the lowest rating yet! When we were talking about this place I was thinking of Bar Lola…glad to see it’s not the same place as I enjoyed it when I went!

  2. If you’re three drinks in and you’re not loving the food that is not a good sign at all. What was the deal with the granita? Was it supposed to be some kind of before meal Spanish version of Le Trou Normand?

    • I know, three drinks in I should be loving every bite (I was loving the tacos though, gotta give them that)! No idea about the granita but it didn’t do it for me. They served cotton candy with the bill as well (forgot to mention that) which was fun but does anyone even like cotton candy anymore?

  3. Met up with some friends at Lolitas for drinks once. The pitchers of margaritas were flowing, and pretty tasty. I also couldn’t stop eating the chips – which are thin and super salty – and, as pictured, have various interesting dipping sauces. I liked the atmosphere too, so it’s disappointing to learn the food isn’t all that good.

    Could be a good spot for drinks though given the right situation and company.

  4. Good to know about the Met Bar! I’ve been meaning to try that place, so next time I’m in the area, I’ll definitely pop in.

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