Andy’s Diner, Porter Sq


Where: Andy’s Diner –   2030 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA  02140
When: April, 2012

With a friend in from New York for a Kentucky Derby shing ding I thought there was no way she would drag herself out of bed (after only getting in it a few hours earlier) to have brunch with me. But she did! Originally we planed to go to Sofra but after looking over the menu we decided we wanted to try somewhere with more options (not that I would not be completely happy brunching off of donuts alone). I threw around a couple of places, one of them being Andy’s Diner in Porter Sq. I swear I had heard that this place was great as its right next to the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts but I must have misheard as it was far from great.

I actually really like the atmosphere – its this unpretentious diner type place with no frills and slightly curmudgeony older waitresses. The clientele is a good mix of young hipsters and older families. The location is great. Sadly, the food was disappointing.

I got the Denver Omelet which was fine enough but bland and a bit on the dry side. The home fries that came with it were super dry and had no seasoning. I couldn’t even get them to taste good by drowning them in ketchup. Out of everything I ate mostly toast as that was the best thing that came with my meal.


Overall, I like the atmosphere but I wouldn’t go back because of the food.

How did Andy’s Diner measure up? 1.25 Spoons!

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