You: What are you thinking about?

Me: Food.

When I’m not going on about cooking or eating, I’m working in the nonprofit world raising funds and awareness for mentoring programs in Massachusetts. I started this blog as an outlet to talk about some of the things I enjoy focusing primarily on eating out but mixing in some of the recipes I stumble across and try out.

With European parents, a brother who lives in Japan, and half a lifetime living overseas I’m not half bad at finding excuses to travel although am finding there are plenty of places to explore right here in Boston / Cambridge.

I live in a little apartment in Huron Village, Cambridge, MA, with my two furry friends, Mitch & Earl.


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  1. Oh So cool ! You live in Cambridge ! I used to live there till I moved to Worcester for grad school. Looking forward to your posts

    • Hi There! Cute photo.

      We are organizing a very special celebration around some of the kindest, most impactful folks in food, film, and fashion on Monday, Feb 24th – and would like to extend an opportunity for your wonderful brand to gain some exposure and contribute with a blog piece on the event.

      A portion of the proceeds will benefit a food based non-profit (likely to be – and the featured event experience will be an underground Top Secret Top Chef cook-off between two well respected young Boston chefs.

      Would love to discuss opportunities further at your earliest convenience. 🙂

  2. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I lived in the area — well, the bit of Somerville bordering Porter Square — a couple of years back, and I’m just as obsessed with food, so I’m delighted you found my blog, and let me find yours 🙂

    I’ll be back. Oh, I so will!

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  4. Hi, my name is Alex and I am one of the founding team members of @theFavecast. We are a tool for amateur explorers to share short video recommendations that capture their favorite items and experiences.

    We really like helping bloggers have more fun sharing their experiences in short video, just ask Sus and Chlo (

    Your blog seemed particularly awesome, so I was wondering if you would like to talk about ways to make short video a cool component of your blog, either online or over coffee.

    We can even offer you our awesome Favecast preview version for you to try out before we release publicly!

    I look forward to talking further,


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