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Marliave, Downtown Crossing


Where: Marliave – 10 Bosworth Street Boston, MA 02108
When: October, 2011

When my friend Alyssa and I were discussing mutually convenient places to go for dinner and she exclaimed she thought of the perfect place – Marliave- I was confused. Marliave? I’ve never heard of Marliave. I don’t even really know how to pronounce it. Where is it? Downtown Crossing? Whaaat?

And there it was tucked down a side street in Downtown Crossing as cute as could be. Walking in you feel like you should be in another country but can’t quite pin point where. France? Almost but not quite. I felt my wallet quiver a little as its the type of little cosy brick and wrought iron place that will eat up your paycheck but its really not. Its actually downright cheap for the quality and atmosphere.

Alyssa and I, both being smitten with St-Germaine, got the Tres Curieux cocktail, made with Hendrick’s Gin, St-Germaine, Lime, Grapefruit, and Prosecco. A little bubbly, a little dry, a lot delicious. It was hard not to down these suckers as quickly as they could make them (excellent service, btw) but we limited ourselves to two each. It was a school night after all.

Although I did want to try something a little more sophisticated after a drink like that, perhaps the escargot or beef wellington (again, where are we, France? The UK?), I couldn’t take my eyes off the Mister Marliave. All it said was “Grilled ham & cheese (Bercy Style)”. I don’t know who Bercy is or what his style is but I like it. For a reasonable $9 I got this sandwich that was literally larger than my head. Alyssa joked that I could take any leftovers home. Hah, leftovers, thats a good one. It was cheesy goodness right to the last bite.

Will definitely suggest Marliave anytime I’m meeting friends downtown as I think its one of the top options. Don’t tell them that, we don’t want them raising their prices just yet.