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Roast Tenderloin of Beef, Recipe


I had never made a roast beef before but with an old friend in town visiting I wanted to try something new. I was so pleased with the week’s worth of chicken sandwiches that I was able to make out of leftover roasted chicken that I wanted to do something similar. I wanted to make something that would give me a week’s worth of lunches.

The recipe I used, below, called for “1 whole beef tenderloin” which is a little vague so I headed to Whole Foods and let them know what I needed. They didn’t have any beef tenderloin behind the glass but they said they had some in the back and would be happy to trim one up for me. They were very helpful and asked all sorts of questions about my dish so that they would best help me.  I explained that I have never made a roast beef before and wanted to feed about 6 people (between dinner and leftovers for sandwiches) so trusted them to cut what they thought was the right size. A few minutes later they came out with this huge slab of meat. Ok, sure, whatever you guys say. I glanced at the price and saw $29.99 which was fine as it would feed me for a week. When I got to check out I quickly learnt that the beef was $29.99 per pound and that giant slab of meat was almost five pounds! Yes, that’s about $150.When they rang that up I almost fainted. Although I was mortified for being so ignorant about the price I asked them to take it back and popped across the street to Trader Joe’s and got about 2 pounds of it for about $14. Score.

The roast beef came out really nicely and was very simple to make, as you can see. I served the roast beef with a side of Leek and Potato Puree which went really nicely with it. With the leftovers, I sliced the roast beef as thin as I could and made sandwiches with arugula, cheddar cheese, and mustard horseradish sauce on wheat bread – now there is a bagged lunch to look forward to! Do you guys have any any good suggestions for leftover roast beef leftover?


Roast Tenderloin of Beef
From Marcia’s Kitchen

1 whole beef tenderloin, trimmed of fat
1/2 cup olive oil
1 T balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
several sprigs of fresh thyme
1 bay leaf
2-3 cloves of garlic- mashed- you don’t have to peel
kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper
2 T unsalted butter- room temp

Combine the olive oil, vinegar,parsley,thyme, bay leaf, and garlic in a glass dish large enough to hold the beef- with some space around the roast. Rub the beef all over with the mixture and marinate for at least an hour- if longer than an hour refrigerate it. (Remember to remove it from the fridge about an hour before roasting)

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Remove the meat from the marinade and pat dry. Place it in a shallow roasting pan and rub the butter all over- top, bottom and sides.

Roast for 20 minutes. Check with a meat thermometer- in at least 2 places- when it’s 120 degrees it’s medium rare. The temp goes up fast so if you need to return it to the oven check every few minutes- this is one expensive cut of meat that you don’t want to over-cook.

Let the meat rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing into thick- about 1/2” slices- serve with the sauce of your choice. I added a splash of wine and cooked down the juices and finished it with a little butter which turned out great. Bearnaise or Bordelaise would work well too!

Kaze Shabu Shabu, Chinatown


Where: Kaze Shabu Shabu – 1 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02111
When: March, 2012

Alyssa reintroduced me to Shabu Shabu last 20120306-110524.jpgyear and boy am I glad she did. I hadn’t had it in years and had forgotten what a delicious, fun – and even healthy – meal it is. I like the idea of participating / working for my meals as well.

Alyssa is the Shabu Shabu master even owning her own hot pot and having prepared numerous dinners at home so shes a great person go out with as she knows exactly what to order.

We met at Downtown Crossing and headed over to Chinatown to Kaze Shabu Shabu which is a big (2 levels), unpretentious place with quick and friendly service. We got two broths, the Japanese Miso and something a little spicier, the Thai Tomyum. We both knew we liked the miso as that’s what we had gotten in the past but were surprised by how much we liked the spicy Thai broth. It was delicious and just the right amount of spice to warm you. We ordered beef and pork for our meats, udon for our noodles, and an extra side of taro. The broths already came with a generous portion of veggies which was great. I could have used a little bok choy (love it this way) but they didn’t have it.

Everything was really fresh, filling, and delicious. We definitely started off eating mostly the Thai broth but it evened out in the end. We rolled out of there full and very satisfied.

Overall, I think Kaze Shabu Shabu is a great place to go with friends, whether one on one or in a group. I’d probably recommend avoiding Shabu Shabu on a date, as it can be a bit messy (I think I wiped broth off my chin a few times and my place mat was a mess when I left). I’d definitely go back and would get the Thai broth again in a heartbeat.


How did Kaze Shabu Shabu measure up? 4 Spoons!

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