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Saloon, Davis Sq


Where: Saloon – 255 Elm Street Somerville, MA 02144
When: March, 2012

Last Friday, after drinks at Area Four and before drinks at Mead Hall, I met some colleagues, Ken and Theo as well as Panos (did I spell that right?), one of Theo’s friends, for dinner at Saloon in Davis Square. I had been there one other time with Libby for drinks and really liked the atmosphere as well as the cocktail list.

As I waited outside for the boys to be done with their group hair cut (adorable) I got to watch a very, very drunk man who only spoke Spanish heckle the bouncer. The bouncer remained so calm and cool, I was damn impressed as even I wanted to march over and tell him to calm his ass down.  Well done.

After getting our IDs checked (thank you) we headed downstairs where we were quickly seated. Saloon is dark and cool and smells almost musty, but not in a bad way. There is just something in the air that makes you wonder what happened there the night before. Lots and lots of dark wood, area rugs and leather chairs. It felt like the kind of place you would go to for a bourbon and cigar after dinner at your grandfathers house and I liked it.

After hemming and hawing about getting a drink or not (it was going to be a long night) I decided to get the same cocktail that I got last time – the Americana. The Americana is bourbon based with brown sugar, j. thomas bitters, and sparkling wine. Its delicious and although strong it has a lightness to it that makes it feel like a totally acceptable drink to have with dinner.

Next, the menu…

My eye immediately went to the Bubble and Squeak partially because of the name but also because all the ingredients looked so good – some of my favorites. I second guessed by decision wondering if I should get the Grilled Flatiron Steak, which Ken got, or even the Fish and Chips. I decided to stick to my gut feeling and got the Bubble and Squeak. It came with a roasted sausage, mashed root vegetables, shaved brussel spouts, winter leeks, and onion gravy. Everything was cooked really well and the flavors worked really worked together. It was a 20120324-111939.jpgtad under seasoned for me so I added a little salt but otherwise it was great. It was pretty heavy and I sort of wished I had gotten something a little lighter as it was one of those wacky Boston winter days that felt like summer. You definitely won’t leave hungry if you get this dish.

When I asked Ken how his steak was he just glazed over and said “This is all I have ever wanted”. Enough said. Everyone really seemed to enjoy what they got and the only other comment I heard was that the portions were a little on the small side (from Panos). I know this is a blessing for me as I can rarely leave a plate until its been cleaned but I can see how this may be a con for someone with a larger appetite.

Overall great atmosphere, fantastic cocktails, and a small but very good menu. Great place to go with a group of friends, family, a date or just for cocktails. I’d definitely go back.

How did Saloon measure up? 4 Spoons!

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The Painted Burro, Davis Sq


Where: The Painted Burro – 219 Elm Street Somerville, MA
When: March 2012

I have been on the edge of my seat for months with the much anticipated opening of Posto’s second restaurant, The Painted Burro. For months I’ve been stalking their facebook page and drooling over the drinks, food and art they had been working on.

Libby and I chose, coincidentally, to go on their first official opening day. I knew this could go one of two ways: they either did their homework and gave themselves plenty of time to perfect the menu, train staff and get it right or they set an arbitrary deadline and rushed to the finish.

The first thing I noticed was the decor – I love the Mexican inspired art covering the walls, the colorful clay skulls lining the shelves, and reclaimed wood that the bar is made out of of.

We were quickly seated and greeted by our server who was very sweet but noticeably nervous. The first thing she asked is if we had been to The Painted Burro before. Libby and I looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh as it was their first night. No, we did not come for lunch (which I don’t even think they are open for). Our server then spilt water on our table but that very well could have been the fault of the Mexican inspired, but maybe not practical, water pitcher. I couldn’t help but have a soft spot for our server as she was trying hard and was new, they all were really.

We made this really easy for her by ordering the same thing – two De La Casa Margaritas and two orders of the Dos Tacos with Gulf Shrimp Diablo. Our margaritas, which had Agavales Blanco, Combier, lime juice, and agave nectar, came out quickly and went down like lemonade on a hot summer day. Not too tart, not sweet, just right. I’m smacking my lips just thinking about them.

While we waited for our food we were given some chips and salsa which I could not get enough of. I wasn’t that hungry when I walked in but once that salsa hit my tongue it was as though my stomach opened up and was grumbling for more. So good!

The Gulf Shrimp tacos 20120320-102248.jpgcame with avocado salsa and baja mayo. The plate came with two tacos each but each one had two tortillas and were overstuffed so we quickly discovered that we could easily make four tacos of each of our plates. We agreed that they were good tacos, the shrimp was cooked well and the seasoning was well balanced. The guacamole seemed a little subdued to me but the baja mayo was fantastic. They were very filling.

We both got another drink during dinner which was a bit difficult to do as we couldn’t catch anyone’s attention, eventually we managed and realized our server was a little overwhelmed with her tables.

Overall, I love the atmosphere of The Painted Burro, the drinks were fantastic, the chips and salsa were memorable, the tacos were good but not necessarily crave-able (like Ole’s), and service a little chaotic. I’m sure once everyone gets in the swing of things that last point will change though. I’d recommend this restaurant for large groups, dinner with friends, date nights, or just drinks at the bar – which I definitely will be doing. Soon.

How did The Painted Burro measure up? 3.75 Spoons!

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